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If you are looking for an attractive window decoration option that adds more flexibility and assists in creating an ideal window setting, then extendable rods are the perfect choice. It is generally available in multiple sizes, colours, and styles, and is highly suitable for multiple kinds of window frames. As a result, you can choose the right one for your home as well. Moreover, your search for the accurate extendable pole ends with Nandini Furnishings.

We are one of the premier distributors and retailers of a wide range of extendable rods across Kolkata and eastern parts of India. Also, if you want to go more premium range, then we have a wide collection of rods from prestigious brands such as Deco Window and Marvel Decor. Right from choosing the best one for your window frame to installing them right in front of you, we provide all. Our rods are highly useful in hanging multiple kinds of curtains. No matter what is the length, shape, design, and weight of the curtain, our extendable rods will never disappoint you. Unlike other normal curtain hanging poles, these rods do not need to be cut down for precise size as they can be availed in various sizes which can fit the windows perfectly. Our poles have two sections which are a large diameter and a smaller pole which gives telescopic functionality and the length can be adjusted easily. 

Apart from being highly attractive and flexible, our rods are highly affordable and cost-effective. It can also be adjusted and used again even after removing it once from the frame. Our designers have designed the rods up to a length of 500 cm and are compatible to be used in larger windows, patios, and bi-folding doors. Even, our professionals hold good knowledge and can recommend the designer rods as per your taste and preference. 

Our extendible rods are widely used in multiple ways 

For shoe storage

Apart from the usage of extendible rods in hanging curtains, it is also widely used in storing and organizing shoes perfectly. It can be hung on the shoe shelf or side of your cupboard and both men's and women's shoes can be hung accurately and with precision. One rod can easily accommodate 4 to 5 pairs of shoes comfortably. 

Kitchen utensil holder

Our rods are also widely popular to be used in hanging kitchen utensils. It can easily hold various spatulas, spoons, and other items without any problems. This way organizing the kitchen becomes easy, simple, and steady. 

Pots and pan storage

The extendable rods are also widely useful in multiple pots and cups in the kitchen or dining room. It can easily hang at least 4 to 5 pots easily and also avoid breakage of it. Our rods are available in multiple designs and can be availed as per the taste and preference of the customers.

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Extendable Rods by Deco Window
Extendable Rods by Deco Window
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